About Meticom

Meticom is a specialized high-speed interconnect company that designs, manufactures and markets customized high-performance, active interconnects for a variety of industries, including Industrial, Medical, Test & Measurement, Telecom, and Defense.

Our customers

Meticom’s customers include manufacturers of high-speed data communication and high-resolution video transport systems.
We’re working with designers and system integrators whose applications include customized interconnect solutions within FPGA environments. With Meticom’s products our customers are able to solve their interconnect and signal integrity challenges.

Our products

Our comprehensive suite of interconnect products include video protocol converter boards as well as specialized interface ASICs. Meticom’s products support MIPI© D-PHY interface protocols and interface definitions. Supported interfaces include currently MIPI© D-PHY v1.0, MIPI© D-PHY v1.1, and MIPI© D-PHY v1.2.

Our value proposition

Meticom combines state-of-the-art design and development methodologies with comprehensive application know-how.
By leveraging our engineering expertise, our customers avoid costly R&D expenses; ensure the highest levels of signal integrity, including ultra-low power and jitter; and future-proof their high-speed data communication and high-resolution video transport systems by accessing Meticom’s ongoing development and support.
System designers and integrators choose to work with Meticom because we are one of the only companies worldwide who specializes in high-performance customized interconnects.

To learn more

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us; we appreciate it. If you'd like to learn more about Meticom's interconnect solutions, we invite you to visit our product section, the key applications for our product suite, or to contact us directly.